Restorative/Rehabilitative Treatment

The treatment we use for children will depend on many different factors and treatment planning can be quite complex. Our recommendations will be specific to your child’s needs. After completing the dental exam our pediatric dentist will discuss a treatment plan with you that will be the best treatment option for your child.


These options may include:

Fillings | Crowns | Extractions

Pulp Therapy (root canals, baby root canals, indirect pulp caps)

Space Maintainer | Silver Diamine Fluoride | Sealants

Limited Orthodontics

Our doctors are board certified pediatric dentists, not orthodontists (doctors who straighten teeth). However, they have extensive training in growth and development and often work in conjunction with local orthodontists. We assess your child’s growth and tooth alignment at every visit in order to make timely referrals to the orthodontist when it is necessary.

Emergency Treatment

Please do not hesitate to call us if your child is in pain or experiencing a dental emergency. Abscessed teeth often appear as a small pimple or bubble along the gum lines. If left untreated, they can cause severe infections and facial swelling that may result in hospitalization. Falls or accidents that involve impact to the teeth or face also need to be evaluated by a pediatric dentist.