Preventative Care

Some of the most important services that we provide at Denali Pediatric Dentistry are completely preventative. These steps keep your child’s smile healthier and reduce their risk of cavities later on, encouraging the development of healthy adult teeth.

Cleanings & Exams

Dental cleanings are completed by one of our dentists or a Registered Dental Hygienist. We remove plaque, educate your child on proper oral hygiene habits, and screen for problems like tooth decay. With regular exams, we can help parents limit their child’s dental problems that have the potential of developing between dental visits.

Prevention is something we take seriously because we know it’s the most effective way to prevent cavities and dental emergencies. We recommend that children see us every 6 months for routine preventative care. This allows us to pinpoint concerns as early as possible, minimizing their need for treatment later on.


Depending on the child’s age, dental development, and risk factors associated with cavities, the doctor might decide to take x-rays. The type and amount of x-rays varies for each individual child. At the first visit, it is typical to either have no x-rays, one panoramic (full mouth) x-ray, or a combination of front and back x-rays (bitewings and occlusals).

Our pediatric dental assistants and hygienists are highly skilled at getting x-rays on children. These images offer extremely valuable information that is not visible with the human eye. X-rays are crucial for identifying cavities, infections, missing teeth, extra teeth, and other abnormalities that would be otherwise undetectable.


Dental sealants are a quick, painless procedure that helps block out cavities from the most susceptible areas of the teeth. Deep pits and grooves in the tooth’s surface can easily develop tooth decay and it isn’t always your child’s fault. In fact, even the thinnest toothbrush bristle cannot always clean these microscopic areas.

Sealants cover these deep crevices and prevent bacteria from causing demineralized enamel, and eventual cavities. Once in place, the sealant makes brushing more efficient, because the toothbrush will be able to remove all of the biofilm from the tooth’s surface.


Professional fluoride treatments are an important part of your child’s preventive care visit. Unlike fluoride treatments of the past, Denali Pediatric Dentistry uses fluoride varnishes that have the added benefit of decreased risk for tooth decay and maximum remineralization of enamel.